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Tip How to get Frizzy-free Hair, naturally

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How to get Frizzy-free Hair and keep it healthy


There are many reasons that cause your hair to frizz like an electrified cotton ball, sometimes it is our own fault and sometimes it is simply nature. Our hair is very fragile and we should improve our care in order to keep it more healthy. Frizzy hair is caused by the many (chemical) hair products, blow dryer, flat iron and also by humidity and our polluted environment. Especially in the summer/ dry season, our hair suffers from humidity.

We've tested a couple of products and the winner to best keep your hair frizzy free is the 'Brazilian Keratin treatment'

'Brazilian Keratin treatment'

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         This is all based on natural ingredients and it is sulfate free, no chemical whatsoever. It does not only help to keep your hair frizzy free, but also repairs your hair, smoothes and keeps your hair strong and shiny!!!!

There are two ways to get the 'Brazilian Keratin treatment' :

1. The expensive way; this is a treatment of almost 3 hours which is done at a beauty-hair salon. This treatment will last at least 3 months up to 6 months and then treatment should be repeated. The costs are appox. USD $300 for each treatment (includes conditioning and styling). After this treatment, hair should be washed again after at least 10 days and with a salt-free shampoo. Please note, only salt-free shampoo should be used if you want to keep your hair frizzy free and no swimming in the sea as this contains salt. See below an example of a salt-free shampoo.


2. The cheaper way, just buy the following products:

- Fantasia IC Brazilian Hair Oil - Daily Keratin Shampoo

- Fantasia IC Brazilian Hair Oil - Keratin Moisture Mask

- Fantasia IC Brazilian Hair Oil - Keratin Spray Treatment



These products in total will not cost you more than USD $ 100 per year and it gives you the same effect, which is to naturally keep your hair smooth and frizzy free. Though, your hair will not be that shiny as with the expensive way.


Just wash your hair with the 'Fantasia IC Brazilian Hair Oil - Daily Keratin Shampoo' twice a week and apply the keratine moisture mask for 5 to 10 minutes each time you wash your hair. This mask has a conditioning effect, so no need to apply any additional conditioner to hair. Then style your hair a usual, after blow drying and/or straightning with a flat iron apply 'Fantasia IC Brazilian Hair Oil - Keratin Spray Treatment' which protects your hair against heat and gives an extra shine to hair. Also use this Fantasia IC Brazilian Hair Oil - Keratin Spray Treatment when hair is going to be exposed to the sun as it does not only protect against heat and chemical abuse but also against UV radiation.


Before using 'Brazilian Keratin treatment'


After using 'Brazilian Keratin treatment'



Why Brazilian Keratin treatment 

The 'Brazilian Keratin treatment'  works, because our hair is made up almost entirely of keratin protein which is vital to keep our hair smooth, healthy, and shiny. Due to heat damaged, many products used and humidity we lose some of these proteins and these can be restored by the keratin treatment which binds to specific amino acids found in the keratin protein of our hair. 


Other products:


Embelleze Salt Free Shampoo Vitay

Vitay Novex with coconut oil and salt free, specially developed for dry, chemically treated and coloured hair.

Available at





Keratin Repair Refuel Strengthening Sulfate-Free ShampooAG Hair Cosmetics Keratin Repair Refuel Shampoo ,

sulfate- and salt-free. 







* Tip: For longer and thicker hair

If you want your hair to grow faster, use horse shampoo which is safe for human hair, and/or shampoo that is rich in biotin, Vitamin B and keratin.

herbalgroshampoo12ozAn example of horse shampoo for human hair, brand Mane 'n Tail











Mill Creek Biotin Shampoo (Natural & Organic!)

    An example of Biotin Shampoo with keratin, brand Mill Creek Biotin Shampoo











Source: Dy Muñeca the Caribbean Fashion Spot own experience

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