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Welcome to Dy Muñeca the Caribbean Fashion Spot

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Crop-Top Look

Lace & Sheer Look

Peplum & Pleated trend  


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 Tips to wake up pretty:  

1. Use mild non-soap cleanser

2. Apply night cream

3. Braid your hair

4. Sleep on your back


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 Get the 'smokey eye' look



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How to get the ' trendy Bun hairstyle' ?

Simple, check here!!More     

How to get longer & thicker hair? More 

How to get frizzy-free hair?  More 


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 Tips to wake up pretty:  

1. Use mild non-soap cleanser

2. Apply night cream

3. Braid your hair

4. Sleep on your back



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Tips how to say 'NO'




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Anguilla: Anguilla Fashion Expo 2014


Haiti: Haiti Fashion Week 2013


Guyana: Guyana Fashion Week 2013


Suriname: CARIFESTA XI More      



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DIY 'Hair buns and braids':


DIY hair buns:


Polished-hair bun look;

just wrap your hair from your ponytail around it and finish it off with bobby pins,

giving it this ways a sculptured finish.

Make sure you use plenty of hairspray to keep it into place.





Multi-twist bun;

just split your ponytail into two strands and twist them together, 

and then twist it into a bun.




Street style bun;

make a high ponytail and just wrap it into a knot.




Braided topknot;

if you have braids or dreadlocks in your hair you can also make a cute bun

like in the pictures.




Tough bun;

if you like to have a tough look and still look fashionable,

just simulate this look.







it looks harder than it is, just make in the front of your hair a small section to make a puffy ponytail on top,

then in the middle you make three sections and each one you make also into a puffy ponytail,

last step is to twist all these ponytails into a bun by bringing the top ponytail below the ponytail of the middle

section in the middle of your hair and this in turn you bring below the two sections on the two sides of your hair and then you make the knot.




High top knot;

for this one you need long hair or long extensions. Just make a ponytail on the very top of your hair 

and then make a very loose sock bun which is looser in the front so it will hang a little bit on your forehead.

This look is very classy!





Twisted and braided up bun;

just twist your hair from all sides as on the picture.




Turban topknot;

only works when you have big hair or weave.





Edgy street style bun;

just make thin cornrows which go up into a ponytail and then add a hairpiece on the top

which is divided into three sections which each are braided and then connected together as a bun.




Source: Glamour, and Essence

DIY braided hairstyles:


Naya Rivera


 Half-up braided hairstyle;

this way you keep your hair off your face,

just divide the front of your hair into three sections and braid them as in the picture

of this actress (Glee). 








Emmy Rossum



Sofia Reyes


Standard side braid;

just bring your hair over your shoulder and braid it all the way down and

you can use bobby pins to secure any loose strand. The bobby pins you can use as an accessory

to match your outfit with like the Shameless star did.




Or when curly hair, see picture of Sofia Reyes, a Mexican singer which twisted her thick strands

to flow with her hair’s natural wave pattern and texture instead of braiding it.  


 Street style 


Diana Madison



Faux side-shave braid;

the legendary haircut of Rihanna but only without shaving your head.

Just make thin cornrows down one side which gives you the trendy, partially shaved style like this Hollywood TV star. 










Cher Lloyd


Braid-into-a-bun combo;

just like the British singer braid the front and pull it all up into a high bun.

This gives you a classy, sassy and sexy look and especially when you top it off

with red lipstick! 







Milla Jovovich

 Bohemian crown braid;

just braid your hair on one side and bring it over your head to the other side

combined with bangs just like the Resident Evil actress, which gives you a romantic

and elegant look.   







Source: pictures Getty Images and Corbis

How to get this 'new trendy hairstyle' like Rihanna:

RihanaHairStyle1How to get this 'new trendy hairstyle' without shaving your head?

Have you noticed this hairstyle is taking over this season and you wondered how to get it without shaving your head? Here is the perfect solution, just, get the 'faux-undercut braid' trend look!! It gives you the same twist and you get to keep all of your hair. More

Tip How to get Frizzy-free Hair, naturally:


We have selected some products which we of course tested, and guess what they truly work!!!!

Fantasia IC Brazilian Hair Oil - Daily Keratin ShampooFantasia IC Brazilian Hair Oil - Keratin Moisture MaskFantasia IC Brazilian Hair Oil - Keratin Spray Treatment


Longer and thicker hair

If you want your hair to grow faster, we recommend a shampoo that is rich in biotin, Vitamin B and keratin.

Mill Creek Biotin Shampoo (Natural & Organic!)

    An example of Biotin Shampoo with keratin, brand Mill Creek Biotin Shampoo




 And also, don't freak out,  horse shampoo which is safe for human hair, make your hair grow faster. 

herbalgroshampoo12oz An example of horse shampoo for human hair, brand Mane 'n Tail 


How to create this look 'sock bun hairstyle':



Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon, Kim Kardashian and many more have been wandering around with this sophisticated hairstyle. If you have wondered how they do it, or how their hair stylist does it, is not a secret any longer, this is the way to do it More

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